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Panning Banned in SD for 2019?
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Byron Hanson

02 Jun 2019 12:02 PM
    Heard from a disreputable source that even panning has been disallowed in the Black Hills due to a tree disease. No soil turning what so ever, exception would metal detecting. Planning to head to the Husker claim next month and need to confirm that panning is still allowed there. Read somewhere on this forum last year that 12v high bankers where allowed in the Black Hills, at least most places. Is that still true?

    Thanks, couldn't find a specific subcategory to place this post.

    William Hall

    04 Jun 2019 07:22 PM
    Best to get that information directly from the horses mouth
    In your mining guide, you should find the folks in charge of the area with phone numbers
    Give em a call, dont depend on word of mouth rumor
    When you do call, ask them for the rules and regs., dont say hey I heard....
    Get names, badge numbers, time and day of conversation
    Rules regs. and stories may change depending on who you talked to

    You are not authorized to post a reply.