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Last Post 15 Feb 2020 09:36 PM by  Lee Johnson
Building a Sluice Stand
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24 May 2019 05:11 PM
    Has anybody seen a good Step-By-Step "How-To" video or article on making a stand for Tom and Perry's Clean-Up Sluice?

    The video that comes with the sluice doesn't show how they made the pvc stand and I'm not very good at working with pvc when it comes to allowing for the extra length for the joints when you put it together. The videos I've seen so far are either poorly made or don't explain what the are doing clearly enough, or the articles and drawings don't make sense.

    I could also use some decent Header Box construction videos for my Jobe 10" sluice that can be converted into a highbanker.
    Ones for a standard header and ones for for a full on header dredge combo with an extra garden hose attachment for washing things down.
    The guy I bought the sluice box from just had a funky 2" hose box on it.
    Lee Johnson

    15 Feb 2020 09:36 PM
    I built a small pvc one for the Angus mack kirk side kick and it works great . I can send a pic of it if you like tommow
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