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Last Post 29 Dec 2018 03:10 PM by  PETE KOTTKE
backpack for panning
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29 Dec 2018 03:10 PM
    Yesterday I went to a public area to do some stream digging. With a bucket, shovel, sluice box in hand, I trekked to my spot and did some digging.
    As I was walking out with my gear, I noticed panners walking in with a unique backpack. I didn't get a picture of their pack, but I can describe it.
    It looked like an external backpack. It had two vertical pouches, one on each side of the area that housed a 5-gallon bucket and sluice box. That area for the bucket was intentionally void, specifically to hold the bucket and maybe sluice box too.
    It looks commercially made.
    Can anyone send me a link where I might be able to get one? It sure seemed to make it easier to pack in my equipment.
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