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Last Post 20 Aug 2018 07:23 AM by  ARTHUR WAUGH
Roads and non-roads
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Rhonda Kaupas

19 Aug 2018 05:46 PM

    I am wanting to use a claim up above Placerville, CO. 

    This is how it is listed on the site:

    San Miguel, CO
    204.41 Acres

    Land Status: BLM Claim

    Can I drive off the roadway and drive onto the claim lands where there are no marked roadways.  If it is safe to do so (safe for my vehicle) am I allowed to drive wherever I please if it is not destroying property?



    20 Aug 2018 07:23 AM


    If the claim is on USFS ground, and the Forest has implemented their Travel Management Plan, Motorized use is only allowed on desiginated roads and trails, no "cross country" use allowed. Most Forests will have a policy of allowing use within 100 to 300 feet of either side of the road for camping, etc., but check with the local District for details, and most of the time it is only for traditional campsites, etc.

     Check with the local Ranger District office for a free copy of the Motor Vehicle Use Map.


    If on BLM ground, they have a different policy, being 'Open", "Limited" or "Closed".  If "Open", you can travel cross country as long as you don't damage resources.  If it is "Limited", motorized use is allowed on designated roads and trails, and other designated areas.  If "Closed", then motorized use is not allowed.  Check with your local District Office for status.

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