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Last Post 02 Mar 2018 09:55 AM by  ROBERT HOBDY
diamond prospecting
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02 Mar 2018 09:55 AM

    Now that I am retired, I took up the hobby of diamond prospecting.  It uses the same equipment as gold prospecting and very easy to do in some of the most beautiful scenery there is.  If you want to start, try Crater of Diamonds first, where you will get to learn about diamonds.  Then read up on the internet on where there are diamonds to be found elsewhere in the USA.  I prefer Colorado and Wyoming which has a history of finds.  There is an old saying: " If you want to find gold, go where gold has been found".  That is true with diamonds also, and in most areas, you will also find gold popping up in your sluice and/or pan.  I have several areas I work in the Colorado-Wyoming area (when I am not eating all the wild strawberries I can find) and have found over 35 diamonds to date.  Most are too small and have little value, but according to reports from a well known prospector, my largest diamond 4.92cts is the second largest placer found in Colorado to date and worth over $10,000.  That's like finding a hefty gold nugget.  Best part is, there are only a few hundred of us looking for diamonds, versus the millions who have washed gold out of their pans, so the areas to look are relatively fresh and not exhausted or picked over.  Just get permission if you are on private land and follow the rules on government land just like for looking for gold.  Good luck to you all!  

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