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Last Post 12 Jul 2017 09:57 AM by  Ronald Eroh
The Official Metal Detecting Training & Renegade Hunt - Hosted at LDMA Duisenburg Camp
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Ronald Eroh
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Gold Miner

12 Jun 2017 07:20 PM


    For more information and to register......

    CALL 800-551-9707

    September 30, 2017 (Saturday)

    Metal Detecting Training: Learn to …. Swing it & Find it!

    - Basic instructions on how and why YOUR detector works
    - Understanding the 4 basic functions for complete success (Threshold/sensitivity/ground balance/keeping your head in the hunt. 
    - How to super tune your detector matching your detector to the ground
    - Coil and detector management slow and steady (Kevin’s old saying – Swing low and slow to uncover the elusive gold)
    - Reading the ground you are detecting. How to follow the trends of the nugget patch
    - Proper target recovery (pinpointing, digging, reclaiming dig holes) 
    - Must have a detector with the following features (Threshold-Ground balance (auto or manual) sensitivity/gain settings) 
    - This training is about nugget hunting not coin and relic hunting. 
    - Hands on with your detector in tuning your machine to hunt

    October 1, 2017 (Sunday)

    What is a Renegade Hunt: Be prepared to …. Swing it & Find it! 

    - Open to all level of detectorist and age group.
    - Open to all HAND HELD Detectors ONLY. 
    - Bring small hand trowel for digging targets
    - Open hunt. Everyone's in the hunt at the same time no age or gender hunts.
    - Seeded Treasure Hunt - Meaning planted targets
    - No targets buried below 5 inches
    - Various targets are planted in the main arena including tokens for the gold nuggets.
    - 1-hour time limit on the hunt

    Ronald Eroh
    Gold Miner
    Gold Miner

    12 Jul 2017 09:57 AM
    Please verify dates is they were just updated

    Invite anyone that has a detector for the hunt.
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