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Last Post 14 Jun 2016 05:47 PM by  Benjamin Crain
Colorado and National BLM Land Grabs
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Benjamin Crain
Lost Dutchman
Lost Dutchman

14 Jun 2016 05:21 PM

    I want to let everybody know that the BLM is at it again confiscating or restricting our lands. As usual they give a few days to weeks notice when they are going to hold meetings, and as usual they are in the middle of the workweek and workday so very few people will be able to attend. This is not just going on in Colorado but in other states so if you cherish our lands and want to keep them out of the hands of Washington Bureaucrats I recommend you read up on your local BLM activity.

    Currently the BLM is looking to restrict over 685,000 acres of Western Colorado lands and we need to unite as a people against them. Here are the planned times and dates for the meetings and locations. There are extra meetings being held that are not listed and no location has yet to be given on July 13th and 27th, but they are also holding a meeting in Grand Junction on the 23rd of June justifying themselves for shutting down another 25 oil and natural gas facilities.

    If this is going on in your state as well please help rally the people to stop the BLM from taking away our lands.

    Go to to read the Govt proposal for Western Colorado. But they are not just doing it here, they are trying to turn the four corners into a Monument to bypass the Wild and Scenic guidelines, or Park and Wilderness status.

    The entire Western Slope of Colorado is comprised of hard working self sufficient families that for generations have made a living off the land, mining, ranching, and farming. These land grabs are shutting down our economy and destroying long lived families. People all over are having to put their property up for sale and vacating because they can no longer work the lands or the jobs they used to have. It is time we put the BLM in foreclosure, put them on food stamps, and we will be happy when they and their families are in the unemployment line. Hillary Clinton was recently quoted that she was going to force coal mines out of business and use regional businesses to retrain these people for new jobs, I want you to ask yourself if you know one miner over the age of 45 that has lost his job and was retrained to do something else? Jobs are hard enough these days, lets stop shutting down the people that turn our lights on at night.  


    Come & Go - 6–8 P.M.



    Monday, June 20

    Ouray County 4-H Events Center, Ridgway
    Tuesday, June 21

    Naturita Public Library Conference Room

    Wednesday, June 22
    Hotchkiss High School Commons Area
    Tuesday, June 28
    Delta Center for the Performing Arts Community Room
    Wednesday, June 29
    Montrose County Fairgrounds Friendship Hall, Montrose
    Thursday, June 30
    Wilkinson Library Program Room, Telluride


    Areas of Critical Environmental Concern



    Lands with Wilderness Characteristics

    Southwest Colorado RAC Subgroup

    Visual Resource Management

    Wild & Scenic River Studies

    reasonably foreseeable development scenario

    BLM Colorado Land Use Planning

    RMP Planning - 43 CFR 1610

    RMP Scoping Meeting in Hotchkiss

    Rock Art Panel

    RMP Scoping Meeting in Hotchkiss

    Buck on Storm King

    RMP Scoping Meeting in Naturita

    Gas Drilling Rig

    RMP Scoping Meeting in Montrose




    Benjamin Crain
    Lost Dutchman
    Lost Dutchman

    14 Jun 2016 05:47 PM
    I should add that this does not just effect mining, the land closures shut down river access and land access to hunters, target practice, 4 wheelers, mining, rafting, biking, fishing, and if you are a American with a disability or elderly you can forget going to your favorite hunting spot unless you can hike to it in foot.
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