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Last Post 03 Jun 2016 08:04 PM by  Joseph Loyd
Gold hunting North Central Nebraska
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Mary McCarty

03 Jun 2016 05:58 AM

    Howdy all... Newbie here. :-)

    Have not gotten my membership packet yet as I only joined yesterday. Am very much looking forward to being here and checking stuff out.  My mom taught me how to pan for gold when I was a kid and it's been awhile. Bought some paydirt for practice and fun and I know I've lost fine in the wash soil but it's in a water basin currently drying out for more practice. Also have a Miller Table on order. Should be here tomorrow.

    I work as a contract employee at various hospitals around the states and hope to land in Colorado next as there are job postings there. It'll be two more months before I can move on when this current contract expires. Washington State is next on the goal list.

    Am currently posted in Valentine Nebraska, 9 miles from the Southern border of South Dakota, right in the center. The black hills are a good 3 to 4 hour drive away but if I get another 3 day weekend, I should be able to make the drive and spend a night in that area. I need to search this site to see if I can find the locations of GPAA claims to hunt on? Anyone have any advice/suggestions please?




    Joseph Loyd

    03 Jun 2016 08:04 PM
    You will have to wait until your book arrives as there is nothing on the site for claims 0.
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