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Last Post 31 Mar 2016 06:16 AM by  ARTHUR WAUGH
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ronnie wrinkle

30 Mar 2016 08:39 PM
    I don't know if I am doing this right,but here I go. has anyone from Oregon has been above, sweet home yet, and did anyone find any color, I have not been out panning for gold ever. I am a truck driver, but I want to go out this week-end. is ther any place there I can go , where no 1000000 people have not tooked it all. thanks you all be safe. and have fun.. your friend oldelvis
    Don Goodwin

    30 Mar 2016 11:13 PM
    Ron. Won't be much help. But. Look up Oregon state sceanic waterways. There are some road side spots to park and get to the river. We did some panning with no luck. But it was the 3rd year of no rain in Oregon. I think it may be replenished now. Have some friends who did get some color so there is some somewhere.
    Was not gpaa then so I don't know that area yet. Also the water may be high and fast from all the rain so be careful.

    31 Mar 2016 06:16 AM


    Quartzville has a long public area that starts at the upper end of the lake and continues up past the bridge at Canal Creek (first bridge above Yellowbotttom Campground).  The GPAA claims are above that.  I have found gold in the public area and 2 of the 3 GPAA claims.  It can be spotty in all areas.

    The water is high right now, so be careful.  Look on the downstream side of big/huge rocks, and clean out cracks in bedrock that run 90* to water flow.  Gold is usually fine to small flake, with some wire gold depending on location.  I have done OK on Riverside and got a nice flake off Haleauha in a test pan.  There is a bridge right at the 20 mile marker (public area) and on the other side is a gravel storage lot.  You can work the creek there and usually find gold.  Digging is only permitted below the normal high water mark in all of the public area.  One of Our members has done OK just below Canal Creek between the juncton of the creeks and the first bend below, but it gets hit pretty hard during the summer.  Early though so new material has come down with all the wet weather.

    Let us know how you do. 


    BTW, I live in Lebanon and get up there once in awhile, but won't get up there til at least end of April and maybe not til dredge season opens in June.

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