Recovering (or Registering for) a Member Account

If you are a member you can recover your member account to access more features of the GPAA website.  Once registered you can create a profile.  Members are able to post and comment on the forum, as well as view special members only areas of the forum.

1) To register for an account on the GPAA website as a member, go to the top right of the homepage and click on the Register link.


2) Then click on the Yes, I am a member and have a member number link. 

Recover a Member Account

3) Now, fill out the form with the information we have on file for you. 

You can find your member number on your GPAA or LDMA issued card.  If you do not have your card, please contact our member services department at 800-551-9707.

If your name is "Joe" but we have you on file as "Joseph", you will need to recover your account using the name "Joseph".  This goes for any other field of the form too.

Please note: If you find you can't login in the future and resetting your password does not work, you can always come back to this page to recover your account.

Recover an Existing Account

4) Click on the Recover My Account button.

 Recover My Account

5) Once your account is created, you can explore the site!