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Excellent claim

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Jonathan Monnier
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Very scenic claim with easy access via Persido Bar entrance. Driving onto the bar using the existing vehicle path I would recommend a 4x4 with moderate clearance due to large rocks and deep soft sand.

As we approached the banks of the Klamath we were greeted by hundreds of tiny toads that seemed to erupt from every crevice and nook. I found a sandy, toad free patch of river bank to sit, put on my river boots, and take in the scenery just in time to catch a glimpse of a large Steelhead jumping. As we panned our way around rocks and cobble an occasional Bald Eagle soared effortlessly overhead.

Panning the clay and sands between and under rocks produced color in every pan. Be very careful walking the river, rocks are VERY slippery and current is very strong.

An amazing claim that produced a little gold and wonderful memories for my son and I.


Good Claim

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Klamath River producing good gold this year after heavy spring rains. Fine and flake gold is shallow, and in some instances can be found by removing sand from beneath surface rocks. We were adventurous and crossed the high/fast flowing river in a very careful if you attempt to do this and wear a life jacket! Found very good gold on opposite bank...also enjoyed visiting bullfrogs, otters, and even fresh bear tracks.