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Gold panning

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Ryan Gonzalez
Step 1 of 1

This is from a half bucket I panned out, i found some small flakes and it was fun panning this stuff out, nice black sand and a lot of iron....


Gold panning

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Ryan Gonzalez
Step 1 of 1

Nice area found some small flakes but getting here was pretty rough, the back way from the high desert was some rough terrain so not recomend for cars going that way trucks only


A little difficult to find markers.

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Samuel Moorefield
Step 1 of 1

I did not have any luck with the ATX or the GB2. I only found some hot rocks. Most of the markers were burnt or missing. I met some nice people who were very informative, they were also prospecting on a different claim. They mentioned that this area was no good for detectors. I mostly found bullets and 22 shells.


East side of OT 2 has good gold.

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Step 1 of 2

The Inland Empire Prospectors and Miners had their Dec 2017 outing at the East side of OT 2. Eight members were there running dry washers mainly. We found some gold and everyone had a great time.


Lower Crystal Claim

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Eddie diGirolamo
Step 1 of 1

The last two times out, I ran in the same place and both visits produced. This last time we setup a new dry-washer, so we really didn't get to run for as long as I wanted too. I hate to say we probably ran an hour total. The material is very compact and needs to be broken up, so it was hard to keep up with the washer. Next time we'll stock pile a bit before going at it.