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Arkansas Group - Hot Run #1, Hot Run #2, Goldit #1, Goldit #2, Re Run, Deer Run

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Plenty of fine gold

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Step 1 of 2

The campground is small, probably not made for trailers, but I got my small trailer in ok. I just went down below the campgrounds and worked. The river is moving fast and there were a lot of rafters on the river and using the campground to park.


Ingress / Egress GPS Coordinates

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The GPS Coordinates for this claim group gives the Ingress Point on the north side of the claims, traveling south. Why can't the Egress Point be given also??


First Time Prospector

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Ronald Simmons
Step 1 of 1

My son and I went to these claims (there are 5). It was our first trip. Saw some small flakes in the pan. Still need to work the cons.