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Maricopa, AZ

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Park - Hike, climb and sometimes crawl to the gold

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When we first tested this claim it was with dry pans and a very limited amount of drywashing. The concept that the gold is all in the washes on the claim will quickly trip you up if that is where you plan on doing the majority of your prospecting. There are a number of narrow high benches on the claim most running east and west and from the top end of the claim to the southern section.
The terrain is rugged and the gold for what I have recovered is in concentration pockets on the benches. My thought is that these were areas of concentration quite some time ago that has not traveled.
There are no roads on the claim or trails. you must hike to the southern sections of the claim and you really need to keep your eyes open for high flat spots.
The gold in the photo was dry panned by a number of the crew and brought to one spot for the final panning and in total was out of less than 5 gal of material with the exception of the larger piece toward the bottom of the pan which was found using a Falcon Detector in cracks.