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Gordy's 1,000 give or take open pit placer mine — 2x4

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Just returned (Sept 2017) with three adult relatives. Written directions are adequate. We rented an AWD Toyota minivan in Fairbanks and drove. 4WD is not necessary but there is a restriction (prohibition) against driving on gravel roads. 70% of the roads outside the cities are gravel. Large gravel trucks kick up stones that can crack the windshield, so pull over to the right when a truck (or any vehicle) is approaching. We stayed in the bunk house in Central most nights ($60 per room) with showers down the hall and each room had a toilet and sink. One night we stayed in a B & B, which was very comfortable. The mine is just a 15 minute drive from Circle. Turn right at the stop sign that has some wood tied to it then the mine road is the fifth turn on the left. Watch out for moose. Interesting quick story: The owner of the mining supply store in Anchorage loaned his expensive metal detector to his good friend (a novice). He went to a common tourist claim, open to the public. The detector said a hit was iron, but he dug it up, anyway. It was a 3 ounce gold nugget. When he returned the metal detector and told of his experience, the store owner said he knew exactly where that spot was, as he had previously got that same "iron" signal there and never bothered to dig. The moral to the story is you should always dig every signal, even if the number is a "5", then retest the hole after you dig up the nail.


Central Alaska Group (Deadwood Creek) Claims — 2x4

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Drive North out of Fairbanks on the Steese Highway. The road is paved for 80 miles and then turns to dirt.

At mile 128 on the Steese Highway you will come into Central, Alaska.

You will come to a paved "T" intersection at the Central Corner store/restaurant.

Turn right onto Circle Hot Springs Road.

Drive past Cemetery Road and turn right on the next road.

There is no street sign, just a stop sign. This is Deadwood Creek Road. This road is two wheel drive most of the time, but it can require four wheel drive during bad weather.

Drive up the road 5 miles and you will come to a "Y" intersection and turn left.

Follow it down the hill to a large parking and camping area. The road is a little bumpy but not bad.