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History of the Area

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This area has produced a lot of gold and has a great deal of mining history. Do not leave the area without visiting historic South Pass City and the Carissa Mine (Restored) and all of the historic buildings and mercantile.


Hit or miss?

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Heavy rains made this area very sloppy, so I didnt get to hit this claim well in the three days that I was here. Old timers had found a lot of gold here back in the day as the huge tailing piles upstream on Rock creek attest. I wasnt here very long, and only found a few flakes in the only bucket I filled, sluiced, and panned. I think there are some good gold deposits here, but the trick is finding them. Use good prospecting wisdom to find them, and test pan areas that look good. I also think that you have to dig DEEP and get into the clay areas. There was an article written up about this claim several years ago in the gold prospector magazine by the guy who once wrote the "Mining the internet" column. I cant remember which volume it was in, but there was some good info there. I had a good time with the Casper GPAA club when I was here last summer, and I plan on going back.


Carol Placer/MUPU

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Just talked to Tom Sunderland, Geologist for the BLM in Lander, He told me the regulations for our two claims follow the DEQ guideline No. 19. These regs will be added to these claims by the GPAA-HQ. The good news is we can dredge Rock Creek, which is a class 2 waterway, from July 1 to Sept. 10th.. all requirements need to be followed including dredge size and water turbidity. If you have questions please contact me or Don Ashley in Cheyenne. Wyoming State Director..


Carol Placer/MUPU

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Metal detecting, hand panning and sluice only. best bet is to get away from creek, at least 10 yards, and work the benches. If you want to dig in the creek, use a hand shovel and dig down several feet. ANY holes dug PLEASE fill back in and take out any garbage. Let's all take care of these claims. Do not tear apart the bedrock of the Miners Delight Formation. This has been happening in past and the Lander BLM does not condone. There is usually good water flow, depending on run off. MUPU can be very low by mid August however Carol Placer can still have water in it.