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Update Kevin-IMC84120 Shoshone County Idaho

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jon greenway
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This place was a tough go. The directions were good right up to the left at Eagle creek. There you have 2 choices. Stay right which is the lower road NSF152 unfortunately it comes to an abrupt end 2.1 miles from the main road. Blocked off intentionally 8 miles short. The first thing you see is a sign saying no prospecting, "Bismark Claim" which was well flagged. At this point I was unprepared. Once you leave the I-90 corridor about 10 mins after, no more smart phone help unless you download maps prior. or GPS works good for position. It was clear I needed more info, so I bailed and came home. Later I looked up this area with google earth looking for another way. I found NSF 2349, turn right here, 25 miles Or so later you come to NSF 1551 go left here and down. Signage is missing on some roads, vandalism. I took a few leaps of faith. The missing signs were either NSF 152 or NSF 1551 which is a loop rd of sorts. So NSF 1551 going down puts you on Casper creek, just below the confluence of Tributary creek. First thing I Saw there was another "no prospecting sign" But your in the area, the going is tough. You can see the old road, walking the creek bed is dangerous, I was alone, so I was super careful.

My overall opinions on this journey of discovery, are Leave nothing to chance, make sure your tires are in excellent shape, have a spare and a can of fixaflat, the farther in you go the sharper the rocks on the road are, 4x4s, fill your gas tank in Pritchard. Have alternate communication tools along with a loud side arm. "Cougars" I had 4 dogs with me so I didn't see any. Took some samples here and there, but never made it to the claim. This claim is remote is almost an understatement.


Easy Money shows promise

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Bob Mannelin
Step 1 of 2

Great drive, good roads 50 minutes out of Monroe Washington. Money Creek Road takes you right to the claim although it's a steep climb down to the water, 50' - 100' almost straight down. The best way I found to the water is right at the north end. The claim's north end is very close to the 1 mile marker on Money Creek Rd. I couldn't find any Easy Money claim markers but the claims at both ends are marked.

I ran 2 buckets through my sluice box and found 4 small color and about 1/2 cup of black sand. Not a lot of gold but promising because the material I ran was just from a sand bar at the waterline.


Big Boulder strewn creek

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Aviya Girdner
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Pretty rough access and difficult to navigate.