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Little Georgia Claim on the Animas River

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Clark Mossman
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August 11, 2017
This claim is at river level.
9,208' above sea level.
It is very flat.
Easy access, great maintained gravel roadway.
Gravel/cobble beds and benches throughout the river bank frontage.
The parking area is visible from most points of the claim.
Rain does tend to dampen the adventure, but only if unprepared for it.
Typical salt cedar marshes, but pathways keep you dry.
Walk from the parking area directly perpendicular to the narrow gauge railroad track.
Then walk the rail bed to the trestle where you can venture toward the gravel bars.
Silver ore is prevalent in Quartz Granite.
I did find flour gold probably washed down from the Gold King mine spillage exactly two years ago.
Thanks to the EPA. Our National protector of the environment. Right.
Before going, call Helen Mary Johnson at the Durango/Silverton BLM office, 970-385-1359.
Let her know your arrival and departure dates and times.
Usually you get her voicemail.
She's been doing this for years and she is very familiar with any questions you may have.
The wonderful town of Silverton is a must see.
And close enough to break for lunch.
See my photo album for photos of the claim and access and parking.
Little Georgia Claim - Dig It!

Please note: the only way to sink in the mud to chest depth is if you stand no more than 14 inches tall.


Little Georgia

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Gary Spoonemore
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There is a BLM office at the visitor center in Silverton co. the parking lot on the claim is under water it rains a lot plus it sits at 12,000 ft above sea level if you have asthma like me don't go to this claim if you drive past parking lot to the west you need a 4 wheel drive with a high center its a mud hole from the parking lot there is a swamp between it and RR tracks I sunk all the way up to my chest in it I couldn't get to the claim I saw plenty of vehicles that were going to the west don't know if they did any good or not