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Last Post 09 Nov 2018 03:11 PM by  WALTER EASON
Avoiding Claim Jumping
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08 Nov 2018 01:11 PM

    I have a question that seems to be very complicated, but I was hoping someone out there might be able to simplify it for me.  I have been doing TONS of research trying to figure out how to avoid claim jumping on BLM lands.  I feel like I've figured out about 95% of the process, but can't figure out the last little bit, or I am completely going about this the wrong way.  Here's what I've figured out so far:

    Step 1: I go to and locate a BLM area that looks interesting for prospecting.  Most of these areas already have existing claims in the area.  This website seems to be a very helpful and informative tool.

    Step 2:  The website shows colored sections that have either lode and/or placer claims on them, and you can click the "information" button to find out considerable information about each claim in a particular section - claim name, claim owner, claim size, etc.

    An example of where I am struggling is this:  Let's say for example I click on a section and it comes up with just one placer claim.  The overall section consists of I believe 640 acres, but the claim listed is just 20 acres of the total.  How is one supposed to find exactly where the claim is located without contacting the county for every claim that may be listed in the section - sometimes the section may have 20-30 claims?  This seems to be so incredibly time intensive, especially if one wants to go "prospecting" and try out several areas.  It just seems that you'd spend much more time researching actual claim boundaries than actually prospecting.

    Forgive me if these are stupid questions, but I am getting my first metal detector as a Christmas gift, and would like to be able to drive to an area where there is significant BLM land with existing claims scattered throughout, and be able to detect without being on someone else's claim.  Is that the only way to do this - by contacting or visiting the county BLM office to get claim boundaries for each and every claim?  I believe the counties charge considerable money for each piece of paper that they provide for you.

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks


    09 Nov 2018 03:11 PM
    The LR2000 will in most cases narrow a claim down to the 1/4 section. Use the Geo Report and find all active claim serial numbers and names for the 1/4 section you are interested in. Call the BLM state office that keeps the filing for that area. Ask for the Original Location Notices with maps and any Amendments to those claims with the maps. Most offices will email it to you as a PDF. You will need to give them a credit card number and in my experience the charges have been very minimal let say 6 claim for less than fifteen dollars. You will still need to check on new claim papers out there as a claim location can be up to 90 days before filing with BLM or county.

    Some of the claims may be listed in more than on quadrant of the section, but if any of the claim is in the quadrant that you are interested in looking at it will have that quadrant listed. You can lay the maps out on a section map to see what is open, you will need to check out again any claim markers as the map is only meant to get a person close enough to find the markers meaning the monuments take presidents over the maps. I do not think GPS is addressed for claims in the 3809's or in the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 as amended.


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