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As our chapter has been greatly affected by the Dredging ban we wanted to take time to pay tribute to Mr. Bill Gray while the matter at hand is being resolved. I hope this dredging issue will be resolved asap, and things turn around!  After all it's all about the people and like spirited individuals!


This honor is in memory of Bill Gray...


"Mr. Bill Gray really was my "pusher" in starting this chapter.  I miss his wisdom and knowledge dearly!" Mike Coto


William (Bill) Gray


Gray MFG

Tri County Contracting

Delta Mining and Mineral


Tradewinds Publishing


“A Doer of ALL and Master of Many”

William (Bill) Gray has always had a passion for being independent. From the young age of 16, he began independently building upon his dreams as a small business man dealing in army surplus transportation and sales.  Later, he used his piloting skills to transport freight and mail to and from the Caribbean Islands, and was, for a time, a boat captain shipping freight throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. Bill always found a way to support himself and follow his passions.

Mr. Gray created Gray Manufacturing in 1961, where he began a metal fabrication career manufacturing dump bodies for dump trucks. He loved printing and printing presses and had his own printing company.  His interests and business eventually generated a successful paving and grading business in Atlanta, Georgia.

After taking a trip to New Mexico, Bill was enamored with the possibilities the Land of Enchantment offered and saw a market for manufacturing mining equipment that would allow him to continue his passion in manufacturing. In 1976, he moved the family to Truth or Consequences, NM where he revitalized a lost, precious metal recovery technology from the 1960's and designed his own rendition of the Delta Mining Jig. He manufactured mining equipment for mining operations throughout New Mexico and Arizona.  On the side, he was the publisher of Tradewinds Publishing and produced Compuware Monthly.

Upon his mother's death in the late 1990's, Bill and wife, Jo, relocated to Nashville to help and support his father. Continuing his enthusiasm for manufacturing the Delta Jig, it was his final life's work for the next 16 years until his peaceful death as he slept at his home in Bethpage, TN on June 16, 2013.

William (Bill) Gray was a Christian who independently and diligently studied and applied the Word throughout his life.  A loving husband, father, grandfather, entrepreneur, and a friend to all.

His love, passions, and spirit live on through his legacy.


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