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Last Post 12 Jun 2021 01:24 PM by  Julie Chiti
Peer training for metal detecting gold
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Doyle McCandless

09 Jun 2021 09:07 AM
    My wife and I just finished a month long prospecting trip to Arizona, using a Garrett AT Gold and AT Max. We hit a few claims in 2 different counties, Mohave and Maricopa. We detected the washes and got trash, of course. We detected hillsides, depressions, runoffs, etc.... and got lots of copper, lead, iron, and such in large and very miniscule pieces. More experienced prospectors have told us we are doing it correct since we find the very small stuff. It would be nice to have an experienced person watch/guide and give critique. We will head back out west in August. I would take any and all help. More than likely going to Wickenburg and the Maricopa Group. Big shout out to all the prospectors from GPAA and other clubs that gave us guidance. This is a family we are so happy to be part of. Happy hunting to all!
    Julie Chiti

    12 Jun 2021 01:24 PM
    My husband and I were in Wickenburg this past March and we hired a guide, Mike from American Gold Prospecting Adventures. We are very very novice so it was helpful for us to learn some tips and specifically, he showed me how to use my Fisher Goldbug 2. We also used a few of his metal detectors to try the different ones. My husband found a nice little nugget! The company offers several options for gold prospecting outings and they are very flexible with tailoring a day to your liking. If you're interested in something like this I would certainly recommend this company.
    Happy Hunting!