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Last Post 30 Oct 2015 09:53 AM by  Travis Nix
Killer find at walmart
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Travis Nix

29 Oct 2015 07:20 PM

    hi guys and gals,

    Just an awesome find at Walmart that is going to help me out prospecting, thought I would share this..

    I do a lot of dirt bike riding and often use my dirt bike to get to some of the most remote places of the hi desert mountains.. and wanted a way to pack my prospecting gear in and out on my bike.. I realize there are tons of back packs out on the market but bang for buck I could not pass his one up..  its a pack made  SOG.. I know they make awesome multi function knifes, so I hope this pack holds up to the SOG name.. It was $44.95.. and has a million pockets.. durable, padded shoulder straps, waist and sternum belt straps..

    the test.. immediately after I got home I had to pack my gear in it, and so far it fits

    : garrett AT Gold detector (broke down)

    : garrett ear phones for detector

    : 8" and 14" garrett gold pans

    : 2 snuffer bottles and 2 gold vials

    : my GPAA guide

    : medium shovel

    : fold down pick

    : small spade shovel

    :extra batteries for detector

    : roll of  toilet paper

    im sure ill find more stuff  to add, and still have room for snacks and water

    well hope it helps others out too.. thanks

    Brad Lamb
    Basic Member
    Basic Member

    30 Oct 2015 05:01 AM
    SOG....I had no idea Wally World carried packs by them. I had seen the odd knife or tomahawk there.

    Travis Nix

    30 Oct 2015 09:53 AM
    It's not bad,, something of this quality I would expect to pay $100 plus for it. But surprisingly cheap