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Last Post 31 Jan 2015 07:53 AM by  ARTHUR WAUGH
Poison Oak
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Ronald Peterson

30 Jan 2015 02:05 PM

      Just because it is winter time, one is not safe from getting poison oak. In the fall, the leaves dry up and drop off the poison oak plant and the sap / oil gos down into the root system. All one has to do is dig into the roots and presto a rash can appear. So if you are one of the unlucky ones that can catch this crud, forget the " Calamine Lotion ". The best product that will stop this crud dead in it's tracks from spreading, that I have found, is " Tecnu ". Tecnu can be found at most stores in poison oak country.

       Poison oak can break out and spread very fast, so it is best to have a bottle of Tecnu close at hand. The second you feel the itch and burning, apply the Tecnu. This is a must have item in any First Aid Kit for those who break out with poison oak!

       About 10 years ago, one winter in December, my brother got this crud so bad that he ended up in the emergency room. On my way home I started breaking out on my arms. By the time I got to a little general store in Southern Oregon, the poison oak was getting bad. I asked the lady at the store if they sold calamine lotion for poison oak. She went and got a bottle of Tecnu and told me that the loggers in the area swore by this stuff and now I swear by it also.

       Hope this info will help others out and keep them safe.     Ron


    30 Jan 2015 02:44 PM

    Yep, good stuff and made about 15 miles from me.


    Back in the late 60's there was a product on the market for a very short time called "Bathe Away"  was a powder that you mixed in a tub and took a bath in.  Killed the poison oak before quick, and for years after that I could wade through it all day and even used it (poison oak) to stop a slide down a steep slick hillside above Marysville.  looked at what I was hugging and wet "rut-roh", never got it.  Have not purposely tried to see if I can still get away with it.

    Disappeared off the market instantly.  Mom never could find it again.

    William Hall

    30 Jan 2015 05:43 PM
    Being one of an early age having been VERY intimate with the lovely poison oak, I have learned what it looks like in every season.
    In the early days, it was Calamine, that really didn't do much other than to keep it covered and dry.
    Once I tried straight bleach poured directly on the rash, hoooway that was an experience. Dried things up, bleached my pants and shirt, haven't tried that since.
    Tried the Technu, it wasn't successful for me as far as killing it after the rash has started, which takes two days to appear after exposer for me.
    Now days, I look for places to go that has very little to none around and if it is around, I stay way clear, or cover every part of skin that may contact the stuff, being very careful of clothing and coverings when removed, and showing IMMEDIATELY with Technu soap.

    The only thing I have found that knocks the stuff down, is at first sign a trip to the dermatologist for a shot of some sort of steroid, other wise its a two week ordeal for me.

    So Much River So Little Time...Get Out There

    31 Jan 2015 07:53 AM

    And even though it goes kind of dormant and looses it's leaves in the winter, still a nasty surprise awaits if you contact it.


    Years ago we went to a 4x4 event and the cook crew from another club got in around midnight towing the trailers.  The two ladies bailed out and headed for the bushes.....Next morning we heard the most blood curdling double scream you could ever imagine....They looked over to the bushes and saw nothing but poison oak.  They were in total misery for the next month.