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Last Post 18 May 2018 07:35 PM by  Don Wendt
Don't forget this!
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Don Wendt

18 May 2018 07:35 PM
    So I am camping two miles away from a claim. Had plans of two days sampling and testing out the claim and figuring out where to work it! Day started out awesome and had tent up in 30 seconds. Bbq up ect. A friend asked if I wanted them to stop by i said of course. Well after a couple of reds wicked ales and some time I was slammed with a migraine. Guess what I forgot caffeine !!!! I drink diet coke like my version of water.. So needless to say caffeine on board and now migraine gone.. Sadly I didn't think of this until 5pm. Lost a day of prospecting
    Oh and for the record small cans and I would have not driven for a few more hours anyhow.
    But still a bummer this diet coke addiction can be mean when you don't have any for hours hahaha