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Understanding the equipment usage
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Richard Koga

06 Aug 2022 06:52 PM
    I recently found a gold duster (highbanker ?????) at a yard sale for $25 and a wheel for $10 all complete and working.
    the question i have is the gold duster used for the RAW DIRT that traps the gold and heaver stuff in the ripples/carpet?
    once the ripples/carpet is washed then would the wheel be used for pulling the gold out of the PAY DIRT and what about the finer gold? would there be another process after the wheel?
    I guess im just trying to find the order and if there additional equipment needed

    high banker
    wheel or something else

    Ben Reynolds

    27 Oct 2022 03:23 PM
    It sounds more like you have a 'Dry Washer'. I can't really explain how they work, but Google knows all. Look at a couple of pictures and see if that's what you have