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Last Post 06 Apr 2015 09:39 AM by  DENNIS JANKA
Falcon Md20 help
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29 Mar 2015 06:31 PM
    Hey all need some help just got my falcon md20 in the mail this week. I have read the instructions and watched all the YouTube video out there I can. I can not seem to get this thing to work and to stay stable. I have the ring a tab before the red line and it will not stable off. If you have a trick please please share. My wife giving me the dirty eye.

    06 Apr 2015 09:39 AM
    hay jason here's a few tricks i have learned over the years. first take the knobs off. find a small O ring that will fit over the dial stem. ( hard ware store should have these ) this will keep the knobs from turning easy without you wanting them to. 2nd set your dials each at 1 1/2 set the ring about half way through the red line. now shake your wand ... it should ground out. now remember this to know if your on gold or pirite
    the term i use is run to gold run away from gold. RUN TO GOLD means as you move the wand to the gold it will sound of RUN AWAY FROM GOLD means if its not gold as you run the wand away from the material it will sound off. so going to the material gold sounds off but will not going away from it. but not gold will do the reverse sound off going away but not to the material... hope that makes sence and helps