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Last Post 24 Mar 2015 11:20 PM by  Benjamin Crain
New to area and could use some help?
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Benjamin Crain
Lost Dutchman
Lost Dutchman

24 Mar 2015 11:20 PM

    The wife and I drove down to Montrose County this weekend down HWY 141 and the river was too deep and running too fast to find a place to pan. I will admit we found some pretty cool rocks from the tailings from old mines and one literally covered our hands in gold dust, it was finer than I have ever seen. But we are looking for a place and a group of people to set up with, learn the area, and then purchase a sluice.


    My name is Ben and my wife's name is Paula and if we could find a couple of people to get together with to help show us the ropes we would be more than happy to cook up a mean pot of Gumbo or Chili considering she is a certified coon as Cajun and I am a born hard Texan. We got everything for the cooking, just missing a sluice to really get the work done and don't know where to go. I am new GPAA member and both of us are new to Colorado.

    I can be reached by this forum or message or just give me a call, 214-733-6096. My goal is to find enough gold this spring and summer to pay for a 4 wheeler so I can make my 200 year old family recipe of venison chili this winter.

    If it helps matters at all I am a master diver and not afraid to get wet working a dredge in a current.