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Last Post 26 Oct 2020 11:20 PM by  Steve Scukanec
Desert Prospecting
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Travis Hinkle

09 Oct 2020 01:02 PM
    I am looking into getting out to the desert to do some prospecting. Still pretty new to the hobby.

    I was wondering what others think or recommend......

    I am looking into getting a power sluice and setup a water recirculating system when I go out to the desert. Taking water with me isnt an issue. I was looking at doing this setup because it is a bit cheaper to get and yes i know its more work to setup.

    A dry washer is a bit more expensive and less setup time to it.

    I was wondering would it be an issue setting up the power sluice or is it not really going to work out there.

    Trying to get out a bit more and enjoy the hobby and the outdoors but not wanting to spend a lot at this time.

    Thanks for the input and help
    Tim Evans

    10 Oct 2020 04:42 AM
    It is a nice desert area plenty of wildlife and nice scenic area, good day trip even if you don't find gold. With that being said if you are willing to put the work in to set the recirculating sluice up, and if hauling water isn't an issue then it is worth a try. there is gold on the claim but you have to know where to look and your going to have to move a lot of material. there is a lot of dry washing signs and diggings up there so it is worked pretty hard but plenty of area left, maybe a recirculating sluice will do great. Good luck if you choose to go.

    10 Oct 2020 11:18 AM
    You will have better gold recovery when using water, but the trade-off is the weight, and being able to bring enough to make it worthwhile.

    I would suggest a 2-3 interconnected large tub system. Set your sluice in the first and use the other 2 as "settling ponds". Set your pump in the last.

    The problem is it won't take long for your water to turn into thin to thick chocolate, not good on pumps. Only cure is to change out to fresh water.

    Depending on tub sizes and the other variables, you could go through a couple hundred gallons in a day, or more.
    Steve Scukanec

    26 Oct 2020 11:20 PM
    I have a claim in the Desert that you are welcome to use. There is always gold there. I would be glad to help you out. The claim is Placer Pete. You can contact me here or at www.placerpetesgoldexperience.com
    Looking forward to talking with you