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French Creek/oro grande creek

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Thomas Lamos
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Be aware this claim is located in the Clearwater River drainage and is highly regulated for mineral exploration of any kind without approval from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Idaho Dept. of Lands, Idaho Dept. of Water Resources, U.S. Forest Service, and Environmental Protection Agency. Failure to have approval from these departments can result in fines of up to $53,000 per day. USFS LIMITS STAYS to only 2 weeks without an approved Plan of Operations from USFS and/or a Notice of Intent from the EPA. Dredge permits are limited to 20 per year combined for both French Creek and OroGrande Creek. Dredge operations must be 800 linear feet apart from each other. An Idaho marine biologist must inspect the proposed dredge site prior to operations. Rocks >12 inches dia. cannot be removed and must be placed at the same elevation in the stream channel as it was found. Plus many other rules. Idaho is fast becoming unfriendly territory for gold mining. Even in streams and creeks that are approved for mineral exploration, the state requires permits from 3 agencies (IDWR, USFS, and EPA) with non-refundable fees, a list of 33 mining mitigation rules and several camping regulations to be adhered to.


stop and say hi

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As you access this claim from the directions on the site (thanks Wayne), make a left after you cross the bridge, and head up the hill 200 yards, and you'll find the claim owners camped out with a GPAA claim host sign in front of their camp. They are extremely nice, and helpful for those who are visiting.
We were able to find a few small colors with a shovel and sluice, but a dredge is highly recommended.