The Most Comprehensive

Gold & Treasure Mining Guide to Date

What's Inside

  • Detailed Maps & Directions to hundreds of claims
  • Important Instructions and Notes when prospecting
  • New Educational Curriculum Series
  • Places of Interests and Ghost Towns
  • Plus more info to help you on your next gold adventure

Become a member today to get a copy of the GPAA Mining Guide and access to over 300+ gold mining claims across the country.

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Available only to members, the GPAA Mining Guide contains gold claims information on locations and regions all over the country. Areas to go gold panning, sluicing, dredging, high banking, metal detecting, gem hunting, treasure hunting, and the guide and claims are yours to use when you are a member. The Mining Guide also includes valuable prospecting history, locations of former mines and much more!

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Use the map to find GPAA Mining Claims in a state of your choosing

You'll also find Official GPAA Chapters near you filled with experienced prospectors who regularly go on gold prospecting trips and are always willing to educate and share their experience

Sign up for a membership today to gain access to over 300 or the gold bearing claims and become part of the largest community of gold prospectors in the world.

About the Claims

With GPAA Mining Claims, there are no filing fees or application fees necessary and all the gold you find is yours to keep!

The GPAA has hundreds of proven gold bearing claims across the country that are exclusively available to our members

About the Chapters

GPAA Chapters are filled with experienced prospectors, friendly and willing to teach you while on their next gold adventure

They know the surrounding areas better then anyone else and are always your best bet at finding gold in any given areas.

Connect with the community

Sign up for a membership or register for a free online account to join the largest gold prospecting network. Connect with our online community to find gold in your area and interact with new and experienced gold prospectors. Learn tips and tricks from seasoned miners by visiting our forum and view our photo gallery for the latest gold adventure from our members out in the field.

What Is a Membership?

Congratulations! You have just found the largest gold prospecting organization in the world. A Gold Prospectors Association of America membership gives you an edge as a prospector; whether you are new to gold prospecting or have been prospecting for decades. Our membership gives you the tools you need to find gold more effectively. Whether you are using our tried and true 14" gold pan or searching for the optimal claim in our Mining Guide, you can mine with greater confidence knowing that you have the resources to find more gold and extract it efficiently.
We have a 1, 2, or 3 year annual membership, and our exclusive Lost Dutchman's Mining Association (LDMA) membership.  Click on the Compare Memberships tab to see what each membership has to offer.

Membership Kit

The membership kit has tools and instructional materials to get you started, including our new 2018 GPAA Claims Club Membership Mining Guide! You also receive subscriptions to our bi-monthly publications: Gold Prospectors magazine and the Pick and Shovel Gazette. Packed with resources, this kit is a must have for any gold prospector worth his or her salt!

Access to Claims

You also gain access to hundreds of claims provided by the GPAA. Our claims span across the United States. That means there are probably one or more claims near you. The Mining Guide gives details about each claim, so you can start prospecting.


The ability to connect with the GPAA community may very well be the best benefit of membership.  The fellowship experienced at a GPAA event or through joining a chapter is beyond compare.  Membership also grants you full, unlimited access to the features of the GPAA website.  Most notably, members are able to post and converse on the Forum and view special members only areas.  Register for a FREE, online account to become part of the largest gold prospecting network in the world!

What Do I Get?

The membership kit comes with everything you need to start prospecting including:

  • 14" Gold Pan. Our high-quality gold pan is designed specifically for maximizing gold trapping potential. Its unique ridging keeps more gold on the pan saving you time and helping you profit more from your mining adventures.
  • Instructional DVD. This video will help you season your pan and prepare for mining. You'll learn everything you need to make your first experience with prospecting a profitable one.
  • Mining Guide. The Mining Guide is your one stop source for information.  It provides geographic information and tells you what signs to look for when searching for gold. It also provides detailed information about each claim including turn-by-turn directions and what to expect when you get to the claim.
  • Snuffer Bottle. Getting gold out of the pan can be tricky. The snuffer bottle makes gold recovery easy - just squeeze, point and release. You'll never lose a gold flake again!
  • Gold Prospectors Magazine. A bi-monthly national publication full of “How To” articles, real life adventure stories, equipment studies and entertainment.  For over 35 years the Gold Prospector magazine has provided the most up to date information on everything prospecting.
  • Pick & Shovel Gazette. Packed full of mining news, discoveries, local chapter events, new mining claims and more.  The Gazette is dedicated to presenting topics that impact GPAA members across the country.
  • Hat, Patch and Stickers. Sport your pride as a GPAA member and fellow prospector with additional GPAA gear including a GPAA hat, patch and stickers. We're always happy to welcome new members, and this is our way of saying "thank you" for joining our community!

Access to Claims

Our kit will get you started, but the true power of a GPAA membership comes from our claims. Claims give you a legal place to mine. We have hundreds of claims across the entire United States. Most of our claims have good gold bearing potential while others can give you access to other elements such as gems. Our Mining Guide gives detailed information about each claim including topographic data, directions and what minerals and metals to expect.


The GPAA has a large and thriving chapter base. We have directors in most every state.  Many areas have local chapters where you can get experience, learn about prospecting and treasure hunting, and meet new friends.  Our organization is proud to support the local chapters by providing them with tools to help them promote their chapter and events. By becoming a member, you also help support your local chapters and the gold prospecting community. We urge all of our new members to seek out their local chapter as chapters are a great place for learning about gold mining from the best kind of people - those who are passionate and have done it for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will I find gold?

A: The GPAA will give you all the tools you need to get started.  The
Mining Guide is your one stop source for information. It provides geographic information and tells you what signs to look for when searching for gold.  Our instructional DVD quickly teaches the most important things you need to know to properly use your equipment like a seasoned veteran.  Access to the GPAA community, whether it is through our online community, by joining your local chapter, or by attending an event you will receive the benefit of connecting with others to learn how to best prospect for gold. 

Q: Do I need a separate membership for my family members?

A: No. Your membership covers you, your spouse and children under the age of eighteen.

Q: Can I bring a friend with me to go prospecting?

 A: Yes. You can bring up to four guests with you, but they are required to stay with you at all times.

Q: Are there claims in my area?

A: Yes. There is a very good chance we have claims near you.

Q: Does it cost anything to go prospecting?

 A: No. Access to GPAA claims is included with your membership.


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Prescott, AZ
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