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From Barstow, Ca. — 2x4

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Traveling west to Barstow,Ca., on either I-15 or I-40, exit to East Main St. in Barstow,
Traveling east to Barstow on I-15, go north on Barstow Rd. to East Main St. and make a left (west) .
Go west to First Ave.
Go north (right) on First ave.
Go approx. 0.8 miles on First Ave. to Irwin Rd. and make a left onto Irwin Road.
Go approx. 6.5 miles on Irwin Rd. to Copper City Rd. (dirt road that is also designated CG 7171) and make a left onto Copper City Rd.
Travel approx. 9.6 miles on Copper City Rd. to trail sign "CG 7256" and make a left onto CG 7256. Be careful not to miss the sign. It may be hard to see.
Travel approx. 3 to 4 miles on CG 7256 to the center of the claim. You will see a close mountain to the west as you near the claim.

All roads are good for 2X4, with the disclaimer that portions of CG 7256 are pretty bumpy in spots due to heavy ATV use. Would not recommend pulling a trailer on CG 7256.

Be sure to check your GPS coordinates as you travel.

Also, please adjust your odometer readings for my approx. distances by plus or minus 10% to 20% due to different vehicle calibrations because of tire sizes and other factors.