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Demitry Mediuchocreated the topic: Detecting Northern California

Hey all, I got me a gold bug 2 and thinking about going to some gpaa claims. Anyone interested in joining or have any advice?

5 days ago

Demitry Mediuchoreplied to: RE: Awesome pail top classifier - check it out - cheap!

Try a bucket strainer/ bucket filter. It goes all the way inside the bucket and you just shake it in the bucket with water and pull out.

1 week ago

Demitry Mediuchocreated the topic: Ca dredging ban

Does anyone know if there are any updates regarding dredging in ca. I have been looki g for updates since feb and can’t find anything new.

1 week ago

Demitry Mediuchocreated the topic: Hand dredges in California

Hey everyone, are hand suction dredges legal in California? I have not been able to find much info but from what I have heard it is legal if it’s Manu...

3 weeks ago

Demitry Mediuchocreated the topic: Newbie here, what’s in my pan?

Hey everyone I joined the club a few days ago and love all the info here. I went sluicing near auburn ca a few days ago and after panning the material...

1 month ago