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ronald klinecreated the topic: south carolina

I have access to several streams in the Greenville county area of s.c . it is all private property. my question is can I use my 2''  high...


ronald klineIs now friends with Brad Lamb


    ronald klinecreated the topic: state laws

    a lot of states and parks have laws that say only panning is aloud, my question is if ya dig in a creek for material to pan, could ya beat the...


    ronald klinecreated the topic: lucky strike gold mine nc

    looking at taking a trip to lucky strike mine in nc around 2nd week in march any imfo about the camp would be great, camping with a rv, thanks


    ronald klinereplied to: RE: New rookie question

    thanks Walter, I was able to post a picture of the rocks in our in my profile page but cant figure out how to post to the forum.


    ronald klinereplied to: RE: highbanker water flow

    I'm in Pennsylvania where its like 14 degrees now, would love to bring it to ya where its warm, ill see if I can load any pictures, this thing came wi...


    ronald klinereplied to: RE: highbanker water flow

    I ran it in garage as a recirculating system at 1"per foot it doesn't clean very well and the more angle it cleans better but the riffles start to ro...


    ronald klinereplied to: RE: highbanker water flow

    thanks ron, that's what I was looking for. I upped the water flow with pump size, that degree looked good with small pump but was ripping with the big...


    ronald klinereplied to: RE: highbanker water flow

    thanks adam, I accually use a protractor to set degrees seems like 10 to 12 degrees looks right, guess I'm looking for a visual idea to check slope be...


    ronald klinecreated the topic: highbanker water flow

      I purchased a 36"alluvial highbanker I extended the top 12" and added extra rib matting and 1/8 punch plate , also added more water f...


    ronald klinereplied to: RE: New rookie question

    Thanks Tim. ,did sumit as request for the Mason Dixon chapter in PA, we'll see what happens. Pretty much have till March now to find some spots, did f...


    ronald klinecreated the topic: New rookie question

    New to the gpaa and to the search for gold, spent 5 days at thermal city gold mine camping and searching, found gold in the river on my own and also r...


    ronald klineI'm 48 years old, married with 2 step daughters, one large chocolate lab and 3 Chihuahuas. Been a plumber for 28 years owned my own business since 2012, also raced dirt late models for 27 years . Tried gold mining for the first time Oct 2016 at thermal city in NC, then joined gpaa. Already bought a high banker and other equipment. Hope to meet some good people in Pennsylvania area to prospect with.