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Jamin Neetreplied to: RE: Alberquerque area gpaa members/ gold spots

I am part of the NMGPA, yes. Good group of folks, very much worth it. Prospecting the placitas - first step is figure out who owns the land you want t...

1 month ago

Jamin Neetreplied to: RE: new member in New Mexico

Thanks! Don't have a drywasher, usually pack my water in and use a gold hog pan to concentrate and take home. Seems to work fairly well, can process q...


Jamin Neetreplied to: RE: LITTLE JO & NO 2

Thanks for the info! I would like to head down there myself. How is access?


Jamin Neetreplied to: RE: New Mexico claim called Against the wind

Ran a Gold Bug over it, didn't get any color. Also didn't get any color with panning, drywashing, and recirculating sluice.


Jamin Neetreplied to: RE: new member in New Mexico

Welcome aboard!
I've been to Against the Wind near Ancho. Three of us working different methods, no one saw any color. Historically, the area was a g...


Jamin Neetreplied to: RE: must haves vs helpful

I like the hog pan too - can process raw material pretty quickly. Will require at least ten gallons of water, and you can expect to lose a lot of your...


Jamin Neetreplied to: RE: Gold in New York State

Used to live in Poughkeepsie. NY does have some minor amounts of gold, but you're right - the king's law makes it all pointless. Way to go, NY!!! *mut...


Jamin Neetreplied to: RE: Fine gold recovery?

I've done well with the blue bowl. It gets very fine gold, as small as I can see. Still going to need to clean it a bit afterward, there will be some ...


Jamin Neetreplied to: RE: Panning Paydirt with Iron Gravel

If you don't have a catch and release magnet, just put the magnet in a ziplock bag (or some other plastic barrier). All you have to do is pull the bag...