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Ken, where in AZ are you thinking of prospecting ? Also are you wise to the ways of the desert ? AZ Ron

1 week ago

RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Hg 4 Sale

     Have 7 one pound bottles of Hg for sale.  Will not ship, Phoenix, AZ area, face to face transaction only.  50 dolla...


RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: highbanker water flow

     Ron can you post a picture of your set up ?  Better yet if you live in AZ and are not to far away I would be happy to lo...


RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Here's one the claim jumper's didn't get away with!

Don't get it ? What is the point ??????? Ron


RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Processing Calvarites and Tellurites?

     Benjamin, calaverite contains Au Ag Te2 along with other elements that can be running with the ore. The Te being tellurium an...


RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Whitestown, IN

     Or you can learn to use a dowsing rod to speed things up when looking for good spots to dig.     &nb...


RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: What's With That Name ?

     Something that is often overlooked is the names on maps and how they can help the prospector to locate likely areas to hunt.&...


RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Decisions, Decisions

     With the November 8th elections fast approaching there are decisions, decisions to be made that will effect our mining rights...


RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: A 3-D Race

     I don't know about you, but for myself it is very refreshing to see a 3 party race for the 2016 Presidential election for a c...


RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Dissolving Ore?

     Pyrite is iron disulfide , FeS2 thus a sulfide.  Roasting @ 400 degrees for about one hour should drive off the sulfur l...


RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: The Perfect Membership

     Come on gang it's time to lighten up a bit here for it seems that some people mistakenly think that they have bought the supe...


RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: GPAA Gold Expedition fishing question

     Look into a telescopic fishing pole. The one I have fits just fine in my backpack and works great. It would also fit in a sui...


RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Jobe folding sluice

     Well I got out one of my catalogs and looked at the Jobe folding sluice box.  In my opinion the sluice has an inadequate...


RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Tick Alert

     Check your pets for ticks especially if you live in Arizona.  Have never had a flea or tick problem here in the last 11 ...


RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Specific Gravity

     So what is the true specific gravity of gold, is it really 19.3 times heavier than water?  The answer is yes and no depe...


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    RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Ever Wonder?

         Ever wonder how much gold was in that last 5 gallon bucket you just ran through your sluice box without pulling the box from ...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: October November 2014 Pick and Shovel WTB

         Jim, PM me with a mailing address and I will mail copies of what you need. ( Cajon Summit Group ) No charge, just pass the fa...


    RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: The Riffle/Trap System

         All most all sluice boxes use a carpet or some form of ribbed matting or miners moss as the first trap in the sluice box.&nbs...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Bucket List

         Bill, I use the 5 gallon paint buckets filled between 1 to 2 inches from the top, they are full. It takes 2 of us right at 4 ...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Rock Hound State Park Arizona

         Gary, do you mean New Mexico? If so get a hold of Geolapidary Museum Rock Shop in Deming, NM. Phone # is (505)-546-4021 they ...


    RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Bucket List

         Well 2015 is now history and it is time to put a new bucket list together or should I say start a 2016 log book on 5 gallon b...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Anyone have experience with the Quartzsite MDC?

    Jim, this might help. Here is the phone number for the Promack Treasure Hunting store in Quartzsite AZ, 1-928-927-7750. They should be able to hook yo...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Not Gold?

         It could be a lot of things including Arsenic!!! Mercury will amalgamate ( coat ) with Gold, Silver, and Copper.


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: vacuum equipment

         There are gasoline powered vacs out there that are more a commercial type vac and they have a  larger diameter hose than...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Sample bags, any ideas?

         Check out Arizona Bag Co. bought some ore bags from them a few years back.    Ron


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Opinions on two different Detectors ?

         Jim, it might help to explain what the task is you have in mind for each detector.
         If I had a me...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: What to do with Black Sands?

         Before one throws away or gives away their black sands or anything that is heavy regardless of color, examine it carefully fi...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: clean up claims please

        The beer cans or pop cans I don't mind picking up, they are worth money for the deposit or so much a pound.


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Setting up a recirculation sluice

       Whoops brain fart, " Freudian Slip " the pitch on my recirculating wash plant is one inch per foot. The material I like running is 1/4 in...


    RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Gold Shrinks

      Over time one may have noticed how big the gold looks sitting in the black sands and also how much fine gold there appears to be when panning. ...


    RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Poison Oak

      Just because it is winter time, one is not safe from getting poison oak. In the fall, the leaves dry up and drop off the poison oak plant and t...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: monster nugget found in Butte county ca.

       How about looking for it's great, great, grand daddy and the rest of the family also.


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Did I wander off of our claim? Lost Dredge

         Richard, do you have the Caldor 7.5 Topo map? If so all you need now is a 7.5 Topo map ruler and you can get all 4 corner coo...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: gps issue

        Kevin, 60 is the magic number when using GPS. 60 seconds = 1 minute and 60 minutes = 1 degree. 60 is also the number used to conver...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Highbanker question - shut down or not?

          Randy, saw the video and it looked good. It would have been nice to see what the highbanker looked like without the wat...


    RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Sluice box tip

          Those who run a sluice box in a creek or stream will find this tip very helpful. Ever notice how heavy and awkward it i...


    RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Let The Miner Beware

              Keep in mind that when you are out there looking at buying something new to add to your mining ...


    RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Real Names

    If we have to use our real names, then how is it possible that someone has logged on here as SuperUser Account???!!!


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: ore assayer

    Harold,The closest lab i know of in your area is Reed Laboratories located in Carlsbad, CA at 3355 Lincoln Street. The phone # is 760-720-0427. Best t...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: plastic tub flanges

    Shawn, not sure as to what your trying to do. If you are trying to plumb two tanks together, then tank connectors might be what your looking for. On m...


    RONALD PETERSONcreated the topic: Chat Room

    i know the last chat room was not a smash hit. That being said, i would still like to be able to have more of a live time form of communication than j...


    RONALD PETERSONreplied to: RE: Old GPAA Forum

    ok, so what happened to the chat room?