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Greg Millerreplied to: RE: US or State by State map

That was very resourceful, Edward! Great use of the online guide. Thanks for sharing! And, thank you for the suggestion. We will look to incorporate s...

5 months ago

Greg Millerreplied to: RE: New Claims Book


Greg MillerIs now friends with Jennifer Braley


    Greg Millercreated the topic: Taking the Gold Shows to your living room!

    Join us as we broadcast the Gold & Treasure Shows Live!


    Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Soldier Boy claim in Arizona...

    Michael, you might enjoy this episode of Gold Trails that we filmed on the Soldier Boy claim...


    Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Italian Bar Camp

    Hi Bob, Italian Bar is tucked deep down in a canyon with VERY LITTLE to no phone service. The caretakers usually make a trip up top once a week or ...


    Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Randy's YouTube Gold Prospecting Channel

    Thanks for sharing, Randy! You've got a new subscriber


    Greg Millerreplied to: RE: fisher metal detector

    Maybe this is what you're looking for? Not sure.. Hope it helps...


    Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Vein Mountain

    Hi Mark, The closest lodging would be in Marion, NC and is roughly 45 minutes from the camp. I've seen several people in tents over the years so that ...


    Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Leadville Property

    Don, That is fine since only active LDMA members will be able to view the forum.


    Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Leadville Property

    Hi Don, It has been added. Ask away!


    Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Blue Bucket Claim, Oregon

    Blue Bucket is officially reopened as of today. Enjoy!!


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      Greg Miller commented on

      Hi Deberah, These were last years dates. The schedule for the Eastern shows is yet to be released. Stay tuned.


      Greg Miller commented on

      Looking forward to the seminars! Bill is a wealth of knowledge


      Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Tom Massie's panning video

      Hi Julia, I highly doubt "No Two Pans are the Same" is the video you're thinking about, but if it is it's included in this boxset:


      Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Best prospecting/mining movie?

      I would have to agree with Brad... Paint Your Wagon will never get old!


      Greg Miller commented on

      Hey John! Glad you enjoyed the show... Chris and Steve were talking about how great that training day was when we were out filming the episode. Sorry about your nugget. Hopefully you'll be able to get out there in the future and find its big brother!


      Greg Miller commented on

      You're welcome, Tim. The current plan is to finish airing the first run of 8, then take a break before finishing out the 2nd season.


      Greg Miller commented on

      Hi Tim,
      You didn't miss it...
      Episode 5 will appear here after episode 8. They were edited out of order and because of our broadcast schedule, they aired out of order as well.


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        Greg Miller commented on

        Thank you Ron for watching! Gold Trails on this site is a benefit to GPAA members however the shows are initially cut together for television broadcast. When airing on TV each of the four segments are separated by 2+ minutes of commercials. The repea...


        Greg Miller commented on

        Hi Al, the shows are captioned but unfortunately our current media player doesn't support them. It is something we are working on... Here is a link to an episode from last season that you can view with captions. Tha...


        Greg Millercreated the topic: Gold Trails on YouTube

        Gold Trails on YouTube


        Greg Miller commented on

        likes this comment by JAMES SMITH: always good stuff!! Thanks Kevin.


        Greg Millerlikes this photo: I-Bar Sluice


          Greg Miller commented on

          You always want to be on the look out for rattle snakes. Especially the Mojave Greens!! Also, scorpions are present. Just don't go flipping over rocks (their cool hiding place) and you should be fine ;)


          Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Nome Gold Beaches

          Here is some info from the DNR website: State land begins at the mean high tide level. Since the average tide at Nome is 1.04 feet, this means that...


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            Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Geology

            To add to Paul's comment, Chris Ralph's book "Fists Full of Gold" is something you won't want to put down when it comes to mining and geology. It's a ...


            Greg Miller commented on

            This claim will be released in an upcoming issue of the Pick & Shovel Gazette. There currently is not a section online for new claim updates. These are only available in new releases of the GPAA Claims Club Membership Mining Guide and in the Pick & S...


            Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Recommendations for equipment retailers in So. California?

            Hi Jim, Like Kevin said, Keene Engineering has a store front in Chattsworth. Also, Royal Manufacturing is in Santa Ana. There is a prospecting shop...


            Greg Millerreplied to: RE: LDMA outing this weekend

             Did your machine go "Mellow Mellow"? 


            Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Gold Trails

            Hi Matt, It is available now. Enjoy! Greg


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                Greg MillerWe've been getting a lot of great feedback on the return of Gold Trails! Can't wait to bring you all 5 more new episodes over the next 5 weeks while we gear up to start production on Gold Trails: Season 2!!!


                  Greg Miller commented on

                  likes this comment by MICHAEL COTO: This is another good example of why I still support the GPAA ....... No other organization at this time, creates a true prospecting spirit like'em!
                  Not trying to get rich, just creating an atmosphere so the beginner can learn and become a...


                  Greg Miller commented on

                  likes this comment by JEREMY JEFFERSON: Looking forward to part 2 this Saturday


                  Greg Miller commented on

                  likes this comment by Tracie McNerney: The new Gold Trails show is very informative! I learn something new every time I watch it! Amazing work Kevin! Thank you for sharing your techniques and ways of finding gold! And, thank you for showing us the processes of making homemade and professi...


                  Greg Miller commented on

                  likes this comment by DOMINIC RICCI: Gold Trails is out filming more episodes as I post this. Thanks for clicking the "LIKE" on the Gold Trails page and all the incredible reviews and ratings on the local TV channels. BIG thanks to GPAA owner and president Brandon Johnson for making th...


                  Greg Miller commented on

                  You can see your information because you are logged in... I just checked your profile and the only personal information that is exposed is your name.... The rest appears like this: ********** ************ ************* **************


                  Greg Miller commented on

                  Michael, have you tried changing the video quality setting on the player from 720p to 480p? That should load much faster...


                  Greg Millerlikes this comment by BRAD JONES: Congratulations Kevin, Greg and Brandon! I hope Gold Trails will bring in lots of new members across the country to build the strength of the GPAA voice on a nationwide level.


                    Greg Millerreplied to: RE: Dry Washing

                    Hey there Philip, You may want to check out ... Casey Kelton runs a nice prospecting shop right in Downtown Wickenburg...


                    Greg Miller commented on

                    Jeff, Contact Gene Glenn - Trade Show Manager... ... He will be happy to assist.


                    Greg MillerLikes video: Gold Trails: Ep. 4 Preview - The Modern Long Tom


                      Greg Millerlikes this comment by JAMES TRACY: I am in love with the fact that there is another prospecting show. I still love to see the raw basics of getting out there and getting to it, keep it up Kevin!!!


                        Greg MillerLikes video: Gold Trails Ep. 3 - "Golden Motherlode"