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ROBERT MARTINEZreplied to: RE: Garbage on claims

When I go out detecting or drywashing I always have an extra trash bag with me. I pick up some trash each time I go out. No big deal. I still get to e...

1 week ago

ROBERT MARTINEZreplied to: RE: White's goldmaster 24k vs minelab's goldmonster 1000

What I've seen the Gold Monster is more user friendly. But I feel both are very capable of finding gold. I personally like to be able to have control ...

1 month ago

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1 month ago

    ROBERT MARTINEZreplied to: RE: Falcon MD20

    Was just thinking about hot rocks when gold detecting. I think that if you save your hot rock finds, you can double check them with a Falcon detector....

    2 months ago

    ROBERT MARTINEZreplied to: RE: Falcon MD20

    Depends on how you want to use it. It works great for checking rocks and locating gold in cracks and crevices. I feel it should be part of the prospec...

    3 months ago

    ROBERT MARTINEZreplied to: RE: Want to buy

    Bill Southern has videos using the equinox 800 you may find informative.

    3 months ago

    ROBERT MARTINEZcreated the topic: Detector coil test using gold bug pro and x terra 70

    Learn where your coil is actually detecting.

    3 months ago


    4 months ago


      4 months ago

        ROBERT MARTINEZThe two videos I posted about testing the coils are deleted. I remade the videos with better quality sound.

        4 months ago

          ROBERT MARTINEZ Here's another showing the elliptical coils. I hope this helps our members with their detectors.

          4 months ago

            ROBERT MARTINEZ So this video I posted on YouTube is showing the detection hot spot on front and back of 2 different coils.

            4 months ago

              ROBERT MARTINEZ added review for YAHOO #4

              ROBERT MARTINEZ posted a new set of directions: Yahoo #4

              4 months ago

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                  ROBERT MARTINEZI wanted to show how slow I detect a wash for gold nuggets. I listen forany positive signal no matter how faint or loud. I let the detector sample the ground to its fullest reach is why I detect slow. Also I'm making a mental note of where I see an increase of mineralization. I'll take a sample if it's high enough to pan later. I set my threshold low and adjust my gain to just barely audible. Then I use my ground grab to ground balance andfine tune it with the plus and minus buttons to just get a slight signal on the down stroke or to just balanced. I periodically check the ground balance while searching and set it up again the same way. I carry little sandwich bags to put my samples in while I keep detecting.


                    ROBERT MARTINEZSo I used a dremel to put grooves in my scoop to aid in catching small gold nuggets when metal detecting.


                      ROBERT MARTINEZI use this gold nugget to set up both our detectors at the end of the day of drywashing to check the header piles and hole before covering and leaving. I use a xterra 70 with 6" round coil and gold bug pro with 5" round coil. I feel if I can see this I'll find anything I may have missed.


                        ROBERT MARTINEZLikes video: Indiana Gold Prospectors (GPAA) March 2018 Outing


                          ROBERT MARTINEZreplied to: RE: Questions about metal detecting....

                          I was watching a YouTube video about the sound of the threshold and it's being rhythmic. Would turning on a detector in its preset suggestions and lis...


                          ROBERT MARTINEZ added review for AZ AU #1 #2, YAHOO #2, GOLDEN DREAMS, KING #1

                          ROBERT MARTINEZ posted a new prospecting report: AZAU 1


                          ROBERT MARTINEZSo after getting the bucket sluice running the way I want it. A friend of ours let me run one of his little tubs of concentrates. It worked really well and was able to keep his concentrates to further check on his own.


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                            ROBERT MARTINEZ posted a new set of directions: Here you go


                            ROBERT MARTINEZ


                              ROBERT MARTINEZHere's some material caught with the bucket sluice. I found a small piece of gold. I still have dirt to process. If there had been larger pieces I would have caught those also. I ran 8 mesh minus. I use a dc power supply to control the water speed.


                                ROBERT MARTINEZI have a bucket sluice that I run with an ac to dc power supply. I lowered the angle to 5 degrees by notching the bucket. I can run the water fast or slow depending on size of classified material.


                                  ROBERT MARTINEZI even did the small grooves.


                                    ROBERT MARTINEZprofile picture has been updated


                                      ROBERT MARTINEZI think it did really good. And with the expanded metal on top of that I stand a good chance to get some gold.


                                        ROBERT MARTINEZI used a craft woodburner to deepen the carpet grooves that I use in my mini highbanker.


                                          ROBERT MARTINEZAnd here it is running.


                                            ROBERT MARTINEZSo we had Chris Miller at Prospectors Choice work on our mini highbanker. It works really well. Look out gold here we come. 😊


                                              ROBERT MARTINEZreplied to: RE: observations

                                              When my wife and I go out prospecting we usually fill in holes left by others and pick up trash. It's not a bother to us. It's just a good practice.


                                              ROBERT MARTINEZreplied to: RE: Dry washers, losing gold

                                              My Gold Buddy drywasher instructions say to start out at a thirty degree angle. I thought that was nuts. I drew a red thirty degree line on the side o...


                                              ROBERT MARTINEZreplied to: RE: Sensitivity or Gain on your detector

                                              Thanks for explaining the settings. I recently went out to the Morristown claims and was amazed at all the individual sounds I heard. I had to slow my...


                                              ROBERT MARTINEZBeautiful day to be prospecting in AZ. Golden dreams claim north of Morristown.


                                                ROBERT MARTINEZUsing our mini highbanker on Golden Dreams claim near Morristown. What a great day.


                                                  ROBERT MARTINEZLikes video: GPAA Lifetime - A Badge of Honor


                                                    ROBERT MARTINEZHere's a video of the smoker.


                                                      ROBERT MARTINEZYou can see some of food inside the smoker. Corn, brats and Italian sausage. And one of our friends found gold in his pan. Good weekend.


                                                        ROBERT MARTINEZOut prospecting on a friends private claim by Rich Hill using our portable smoker.


                                                          ROBERT MARTINEZI picked up a interesting cooking apparatus for out in the field prospecting. This will make you want to stay late and have dinner in the field. A Masterbuilt propane portable smoker.


                                                            ROBERT MARTINEZ commented on

                                                            Great job to the team that put this together. This is easier to find info.


                                                            ROBERT MARTINEZA better view of the high banker idea.


                                                              ROBERT MARTINEZThis is a pic of the gold I recovered with the dry panning idea. I got tiny gold and even a nugget and sizes in between.


                                                                ROBERT MARTINEZI made a video about our put together with what we had highbanker. Here's the link,


                                                                  ROBERT MARTINEZThis is my setup minus the back pack that would have water and snacks. It would also hold the pan and classifier.


                                                                    ROBERT MARTINEZAfter being part of the GPAA we renewed our membership for another enjoyable 3 years. We received a gold bag as part of the renewal and just like the GPAA we were pleasantly surprised with what we found. I am glad we made the choice to join last year. I have seen many positive mining people and witnessed people taking care of the land they prospect on. The GPAA is well worth the investment.


                                                                      ROBERT MARTINEZWanted to make sampling easier by making drypanning faster and more efficient. I put bolts into a pan to make stratifying dirt easier. I can add more material to it before I empty the contents into a sampling bag.