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Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Claims around Buena Vista Colorado

If you are down stream from Salida be on the lookout for rattlesnakes and the river level has come up quite a bit as well. Be safe and get some yel...

4 days ago

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2 months ago

    Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: HOMACK #1-3 Idaho Springs CO Claim

    I had been to this claim a few years ago. Saw a sign on a tree that shooting was going on in the area. I never went on the claim.
    Contact the F...

    2 months ago

    Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Colorado Gold Show

    I think we have to wait a bit yet for the list to come out .  I was told Denver was skipped last year to give other cities a chance at t...

    4 months ago

    Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: What is the best place to buy pay dirt from

    I don't think you will ever find a place that gives you more gold than what you paid for. As a seller you won't make any money.
    I will buy p...

    4 months ago

    Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: What scale do you like and why

    I have a Triton T2. I like it and the price is not bad. You will have to buy two 100g. calibration weights though to do a calibration check.&...

    4 months ago

    Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Arapahoe Bar Gold Panning Park, Wheatridge CO

    David C.
    Arapahoe Bar is a good area,  but just not now. I was several miles east of the Bar today and the water is very high. Something like 95...


    Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Greenhorn Prospector, Seeking Advice from the Veterans

    If you are prospecting by a creek with water, a shovel or small scoop. Classifier, pan, snuffer bottle or suction tweezer.  Vial for your ...


    Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: On-line gold geology class

    I don't know of any on line geology class, but if you go to  he has loads of videos on how to find gold. So...


    Scott Leidenbergercreated the topic: member photos

    What happened to the two areas on the main page that had member photos ?
    Mine have been replaced with the nearest prospecting shop and claim. This al...


    Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: ANY NEW Gold Fever shows ?, not on my cable network

    Darlene, It's on here on the Outdoor channel, Xfinity. It is on in the wee hours of the morning though. I have it set to record any new shows. Nic...


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      Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Boise gold show

      I was wondering the same thing about the Denver show. Maybe they are being taken out of rotation to let other cities have a chance at the shows. The ...


      Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: New Forum - what are those dots

      I have been wondering the same thing myself about the dot's. Scott


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        Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Static in vial

        Bill, I had water in my vials and took it out to weigh it. Decided to just leave it dry. Yea it does look impressive when wet. I guess the lack of...


        Scott Leidenbergercreated the topic: Static in vial

        I have a little flour gold in a plastic vial and static causes it to stick to the sides. Any way to get rid of the static other than using a glass via...


        Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Gold Fever

        Any new Gold Fever shows coming in the future ? All I see is re run after re run and they are on at at odd times. Miss them, really great shows.


        Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: what claim to visit out west from the mining guide ?????????

        Hey Jeff, I see that you are a lifetime member. You should get the new Mining Guide when it comes out. Not sure when that is though. Scott


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          Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Frustrated NOOB

          Jeff, Google Jeff Williams You Tube. He has lots of videos on panning,sluicing and all kinds of good stuff, and funny also. Get a bag of Slim's pay...


          Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Gold Prospectors magazine question

          Bob, It's out now. My issue arrived about two weeks ago.


          Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: GPS equipment

          Mike, Gary had a great idea to use your cell phone. As long as it is relatively new that may be all you need. I have an I-Phone 3 and I would never...


          Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Gold in Colorado .

          Kyle, If your in the Denver area you can call Johnny Walker at Clear Creek Prospecting Supply. 720-502-4984 He sh...


          Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Denver Gold Show

          June 18 & 19. Click on Gold and Treasure Shows at top of page and scroll down for address .


          Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Drying gold

          Tim, If your not in a hurry just remove the water from the vial with a suction tube and lay the vial on it's side for a day or two. If you have a l...


          Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: reviews on drywashers

          Hey Kevin, Although I don't know of any reviews on dry washers, I can get you to a how to set one up video. Search Jeff Williams + you tube . Th...


          Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Sample bags, any ideas?

          Sand bags come to mind but they may be a little big. You could cut the tops down  to make them smaller.
          Try a construction supply that sel...


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            Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Fine gold recovery?

            I have a Royal gold concentrating table that catches some really fine gold. I'm thinking it might be 600 mesh. I know I would miss this if I p...


            Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Colorado Claims

            Well that's to bad about all the campers. Maybe once the weather turns cold it will chase them out.


            Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: What Kind of soap is reccommended to season my gold pans????

            I used liquid Dawn original scent. Don't use anything with citrus scent, that has oils in it. I also cleaned it with a green scrub pad and warm water ...


            Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Pump power supply

            William, I'm thinking about getting a gold dust concentrating table that comes with a pump. Rather than buy a battery and charger for home use I th...


            Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Pump power supply

            Benjamin & Tim, I have a Radio Shack and Batteries Plus in the area, I can check them out this weekend. Thanks.


            Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Pump power supply

            I think I will look into the battery idea next time I go to Wal-Mart. The power supply I have is for something else and I don't want to keep moving ...


            Scott Leidenbergercreated the topic: Pump power supply

            I'm thinking about buying a 12 volt pump that draws 1.8 amps for use at home to do a little garage prospecting. Rather than get a battery for it I hav...


            Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Best mini-sleuce?

            I also have a Royal 30" sluice. Works well for me and good quality. I use it at home as well to run my classified material.


            Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Geology

            Google Wheeler Geologic area . Check out the photos. Then fill out a change of address form. : )


            Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: New

            Watch Gold Trails Ep. 9 Dustless Dirt found here on the web site. This might work for you. Just a thought.


            Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Panning Fairplay, Colorado

            Randy, I got over to Fairplay late last September. Got my season permit only to find out it expired the next weekend. Was only able to sluice for ...


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              Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: the magazine ?

              So far mine have always arrived in good shape. Even the Pick & Shovel.


              Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Arapahoe bar. denver.

              Trace, Google, Gold panning - Wheat Ridge,CO for the regulations . It has easy access. You will need hip waders to cross the creek, that is where...


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                Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Newest GPAA web page design

                I find it somewhat hard to navigate as well. The community images are to small. I prefer the old page design much better.


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                  Congrats Sheila ! I think making your wedding rings from your own gold that you found is so cool .


                  Scott Leidenbergerreplied to: RE: Looking for help.

                  Go to the GPAA home page and scroll down to the bottom. Click on Chapters. A map of the United States will come up. Click on the state nearest y...


                  Scott Leidenbergercreated the topic: Panning Fairplay, Colorado

                  Has anyone been to the public beach area in Fairplay, CO this summer ? I know you can only pan or sluice. What kind of gold is being found ? Any feedb...


                  Scott Leidenberger commented on

                  Nice find. Some chunky looking gold. Good on ya.