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08 Feb 2018 03:57 PM

    Hello to all you would be LDMA Members.  I have owned my membership for many years and I have a totally transferable membership that I would like to sell at this point in my old age.  I have contacted GPAA as to how to go about this.  First I start by posting the offer.  You are lucky!  My old membership contract says that I can sell and transfer my membership for $50.  See, I told you it was an old one.  Current transfer pricing is $150 or more depending on the original contract terms.  So that's a significant savings right off the bat.  Also, current membership to LDMA is $4750.  I am offering my membership for only $2000.  Now that's a big savings!   And you would have to buy your own GPAA lifetime membership to go with it, which is currently costing $450.  That I cannot control - it's a fixed amount.  This is a wonderful organization and will give you a lifetime of opportunities visiting their many sites.  You may camp right on the property and make friends while you prospect for gold.  You keep all the gold you find.  If you have any questions, you may call the GPAA organization on how this transfer is done.  Their telephone number is 800-551-9707.  I am told that first, I post my offer, then the interested party contacts me by email.  Then I apply to GPAA for the transfer docusign document which will be sent to me from GPAA with buyer's and seller's information filled in on it.  Then when I get that transfer docusign info, I sign it and contact you, the buyer.  At that time you will send to me the $2000 via paypal to my email address, which is ncdottie@gmail.com.  You may verify my membership by calling ahead first to GPAA.  It's a pretty simple process, from what I understand.  So, your total cost for your transferrable lifetime membership to the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association will be $450 + $50 = $500, which goes directly to GPAA.  They can tell you how to get that done.  And $2000 to me for the membership.  Great Savings and Great Deal.  I think you will love your membership.  So if you would like to buy, contact me Dorothy Anderson at my email address:  ncdottie@gmail.com.  It's a great club to be part of.