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Last Post 09 Sep 2020 08:22 PM by  FRANK NOVAK
Where Fenn's Treasure was found!!
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09 Aug 2020 05:50 AM
    Updated July 22nd, 2020
    by Forrest

    Many of the searchers for my treasure had solves that seemed to neatly fit the clues in my poem. Then when the finder found and retrieved the treasure, other searchers wondered how close they had been to the right spot. Because I promised the finder I would not reveal who found it or where, I have remained mostly silent.

    However, the finder understands how important some closure is for many searchers, so today he agreed that we should reveal that the treasure was found in Wyoming. Until he found the treasure, the treasure had not moved in the 10 years since I left it there on the ground, and walked away.

    Perhaps today’s announcement will bring some closure to those whose solves were in New Mexico, Colorado, or Montana.

    To all of those who did not find the treasure, we hope that you got some enjoyment from the chase. f

    09 Sep 2020 08:22 PM
    Fenn just passed away and with him went the logic behind his poem and it's location. But now there is Biel's Multi million $ cache in 6 large chests and you have a location on this one, "Gallows Harbor" in PA.