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Last Post 29 Jun 2021 02:09 PM by  Christopher Satkowski
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ed doane

27 Jun 2021 01:38 PM
    If anyone on this site watches the ebay mineing claim sale, beware there is a person trying to sell a claim on the smith river oregon. this is a false representaion, there is no gold in this river, the person uses data from a geologic survey done on the smith river in upper california, and also talks about gold in douglas county, wich of course there is , just not where this claim is. I contacted this person to let them know the error of there ways, but got the mind your own buisness attitude. contacted ebay and they looked into it. I just want everyone to know its a scam.
    I live real close to this claim ,in fact have parked there and drank beers and let my dogs swim. Ive searched for any geological data on this region and it is nil. DONT GET TOOK.
    peace out

    27 Jun 2021 07:17 PM
    Many years ago, I know I saw claim signs around Sourdough Campground on the Smith

    Like everything else dealing with sale of claims, buyer beware, and sample, sample, sample. If you can't do that, RUN FAST. And make sure it's a valid claim through BLM and the county, and make sure of overfiles, BLM won't help there.

    EDIT...Just looked it up....the other Smith River, up by Reedsport. If it's the one I saw advertised, 7K is a joke. I believe that BLM had a public area on the Smith a few years ago.
    Lost Dutchman
    Lost Dutchman

    28 Jun 2021 01:57 PM
    I am sick and tired of Paper Hangers..... I am going after 3 right now that kitchen table locate claims, county record and when there is a bite on the claim, file with the BLM. Disgusting people robbing people.
    Prospectors, Do your research. Use the MLRS to see how new the claim is and more importantly, if there have been any claims on that spot or around that area and that is just the start of your research. You have to prospect the claim before you buy and you must prospect where you want to not where the owner tells you. Be aware of location notices and when they were filed.
    I am working with a gent that bought a claim in an area that has never had a claim filed in any of the 8 sections surrounding his claim, actually that is not entirely correct. There has never been a claim filed in the entire northern half of the township. that is 18 square miles. Needless to say his trips to the claim have been skunks.
    In another case of a ROBBED prospector, the locater shows to have located, staked and filed 5 claim in one day. Ok, possible little improbable but possible. Except that where and when he clams to have done all of this work was in February when the temp for that day was sub freezing and there was (according to NOAA) 45+ inches of snow on the ground.
    Time for another Podcast on this subject.

    Now with the MLRS system up and running, research is easier than every before and getting a huge amount of current and historical information in one spot. I will spin up another updated 2021 Podcast.

    28 Jun 2021 08:16 PM
    Couple of other sellers there, same ad format exactly, out of New York. Has perfect feedback. Tried contacting asking for more information on an eastern Oregon claim. Asked for the ORMC number, etc, to check it out for validity and overfiles. No response yet. The ad says will send documents and GPS location on full payment. Wants $250 fee in addition to the asking price, same deal with both sellers. Other party peddling claim around Rye Patch.
    No returns for either of them, you're stuck with it.

    Really smells like month old fish in Arizona in the summer.

    Bidder/buyer beware.

    Christopher Satkowski

    29 Jun 2021 02:09 PM
    There are very few reasons your should ever buy any of the hundreds of thousands of claims out there. Not one of those reasons is listed on E-Bay or Craigslist.

    Don't fall for XX Miles from the historic (fill in the blanks) mine that produced XXXX ounces of gold.