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Last Post 02 May 2022 04:21 PM by  Steve Kuchinsky
Rick Radke Annual Memorial Metal Detector Hunt
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Steve Kuchinsky

02 May 2022 04:21 PM
    May 21 2022 Radersburg Montana

    Claim Jumpers Gold Nugget Hunt $60.00
    You will be detecting for tokens to exchange for gold nuggets.

    Silver Coin Hunt $45.00
    You will be detecting for silver coins, plus colored pennies that I will exchange for special prizes.

    50/50 Hunt $20.00
    You will be detecting for half the entry fees in change.

    Youth Hunt (Please circle one)
    Kids will be detecting for coins and tokens for special prizes
    Age 7 and younger Free
    Age 8-12 $2.00
    Age 12-15 $5.00

    Camping Information: The Radersburg BLM OHV Intensive Use area is adjacent to our claim sites, and
    has parking, primitive camping and an outhouse. Most attendants dry camp here, free of charge. This is
    a primitive campsite with no water.

    Motel Information: Helena and Townsend are northwest of our site. Three Forks is Southeast. All
    communities have motels rooms and other modern connivances.