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Last Post 07 Nov 2014 05:51 PM by  Tim Leibel
Oct 29th Vein Mt. dig
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07 Nov 2014 09:23 AM

    My wife, Sunshine and I (i'm Bill) and our friends Chuck and Linda had a great time. Dominic, Kevin, Great going, Even got to meat Brandon the president or the GPAA, we talked for a bit. I thought the dig went great very educational for the newbie like my wife and I. Met lots of really great people, Nice hat Ron, "Thanks,This hats battier than I am" Yeah i'll bet he' ended up battier than the hat before it was over. Dominic and kevin following around threatened to throw my wife off the bridge in camp, in sted her hat went in, little did Dominic and kevin know we had 150.00 being raised to throw her in, lol.

    i all we spentabout 3 weeks at the camp, The Dig was excellent, as far as the gold shares, hey it was more about the experiance the gold was a bonus.

    Tim Leibel

    07 Nov 2014 05:51 PM
    Bill, You and Sunshine were great. I had the best time and found some good gold in the pile of dirt Scott and I bought at the Auction.

    "Tiny" Tim Leibel